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Insight - C.O.G.S Grips

The Insight C.O.G.S (clamp on grip system) grips has a simple arrow pattern designed to keep you connected to your bike with the utmost comfort. The super thin pattern gives you great comfort and that worn in feel straight out of the box, while the clamp on grip system keeps your grips in place while racing.

The Clamp On System uses a 3mm Allen Key to give you a secure connection to your handlebars.

Includes 2 PVC end plugs to give you a perfect finished look and cap off your bar ends.

Features :

- Insight arrow pattern for optimal traction
- Ultra thin profile
- Clamp on grip system
- Dual ply grips with PVC end plug


- Lengths: 115mm, 130mm, 145mm
- Weights: 115mm = 121g, 130mm = 132g, 145mm = 138g


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