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Odyssey - Ghost Brake Shoes

One of the most important goals that Odyssey had when they sat down to work on new braking designs was to make the whole system easier to install (and remove) without sacrificing performance. They also wanted to be sure that every component would be very affordable too.

The Ghost Pad addresses the hassles of brake pad installation by eliminating the traditional dome shaped washers used for toe-in. The pad improves stiffness by building the toe-in into the pad shape and utilizing a solid extruded aluminum frame at its core. The Ghost Pad’s assembly consists of simply lining it up with the rim and tightening down an M6 female bolt.

Comes stock on the Springfield Brake.

Hardware Specs:
- In-bound bolt
- 5mm Hex Key
- M6x1.0 Thread

Pad Material: Black (standard) or Clear Rubber (Soft)

Weight: 28g (pair)


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