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Dinero V2 Fork

Not one area was left untouched on the United Dinero V2 forks. A revised steerer tube adding extra strength in key areas to accommodate the ever increasing height of bars and pressure that this puts on the forks, and a new thread for the top cap. Even more improved clearance for 2.4″ tyres, and the main change, a whole new mold for the invest casting dropouts. United moved the dropouts back to the more traditional offset position and by flattening on the inside they have made this sure to work with all front hub and hub guard set ups. A slight change to the outside now means that even the largest diameter plastic pegs will still sit flush in the dropouts with the wheel all the way slammed. Add to this some new logos, simplified colours and a great pair of forks just got even better.

New steerer tube with improved strength in key stress areas
New M24 threading for top cap further improving strength
New improved clearance for 2.4" tyres
Complete new mold invest cast dropouts
Clearance on inside for all front hub/hub guard set ups
Improved fit for up to 44mm OD pegs
100% post weld heat treated seamless 4130 cromo
Integrated 10mm dropouts using invest cast technology
Butted, fluted and tapered legs
Embossed logo at bottom of fork legs and inside of dropout
Angled fork leg ends for grind clearance
Internal and externally machined 1pc steerer tube with integrated bearing race
7075-T6 top cap with sunken 6mm allen bolt for 'hollow' look
ED rust proof coated before painting
31.09mm offset
920 g



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