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éclat - Decoder Tyre

The Decoder Tyre the latest addition to the éclat tyre family.

With a tread pattern based on éclat's super popular Fireball tyre, the Decoder uses a much lower profile design with super fine knurling making it fast, grippy and incredibly tough. This lightweight street/ramp tire features a specially designed grind resistant sidewall protection and is available in two casing options, a 60tpi (80psi max) version with a rubber sidewall layer for STREET, and a lighter weight 120tpi (120psi max) version for COMPETITION.


- Available as 80 psi Street version and 120 psi Competition version
- Micro knurling for advanced grip performance
- Tough side wall for protection against grind damage

2.3" - 60TPI: 710g // 120TPI: 580g
2.4" - 60TPI: 750g // 120TPI: 630g

Note: TPI stands for threads per Inch. It defines the number of threads contained in one inch of the tire casing. The lower the number of TPI, the larger the gauge cords in the casing, therefore the more durable the tire becomes.



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