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Tyres / Tioga - Power Block S Spec (Folding)


Tioga - Power Block S Spec (Folding)

The ultimate BMX racing tire, the PowerBlock is designed to efficiently transfer pedal power and other rider inputs into lateral motion. In short, you’ll roll faster with less wasted energy. The S-Spec version utilizes Tioga’s thinnest sidewall for maximum suppleness and weight savings.

Size for size, the PowerBlock S-Spec are the lightest BMX tires in the world.


- Cyclex 120 TPI Ultralight Casing
- UTC Rubber Compound
- Folding Bead

OS20 is 20" but larger
OS20 Rim (ETRTO) is 451mm
OS20 Tire Diameter is increased by 1.5"
Compared with 20", OS20 increases stability with the potential for higher top-end speed



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